Can I Hook Up a Wireless Alarm System to a Wired System?

No, you cannot hook up a wireless alarm system to a wired system. A basic rule about alarm systems is that you cannot pair them with other alarm systems. Each panel is its own standalone entity. If you want to add a second access point for controlling you system, you should add a keypad.

A common misconception is that you can control a hardwired alarm system with a wireless alarm control panel. The idea is that the wireless panel would function as a keypad for the wired system. It's easy to see how someone might jump to the conclusion that this would be possible. After all you need an external keypad to control a wired system, and wireless all-in-one alarm control panels often greatly resemble alarm system keypads. Unfortunately, this is complete nonsense. You cannot use an alarm system to control another alarm system.

If you have a wireless all-in-one system, then you will control the system from the panel itself. If you want to add a second on-site access point, you can add a wireless keypad. Remember, a keypad is not an alarm system. It is merely a tool for controlling an alarm system. Without an alarm system, a keypad is utterly useless. A good way to think of this is that the wireless panel is the "brains" of the system, and the keypad is just a remote controller that you have fixed to a wall or resting on a table using a desk mount.

As for hardwired panels, these devices do not include built-in controllers. You basically just have a circuit board housed inside a metal enclosure. You need to add a wired keypad to operate the system. And no, you cannot use a wireless control panel for this purpose. You need an actual wired keypad. It is strongly recommended that you choose a keypad that can be used for deep-level programming, as you will most definitely want to make changes to your system at some point or another. You should also make sure your keypad can be used to backdoor into programming if you system allows it.

But remember, there are other ways to control an alarm system besides using an on-site device like a keypad or alarm control panel. Many users have wireless key fobs that they carry with them. These devices can be used to Arm, Disarm and trigger panic alerts with the press of a button. Even better, there are also interactive service platforms that can be accessed remotely. With an interactive service platform, all you have to do is open a web browser or a mobile app on your smartphone. From there, you can Arm and Disarm as if you were at the panel or keypad. In other words, you can use an interactive service platform to operate your security system from virtually anywhere in the world! Two of the most popular interactive service platforms include Total Connect 2.0 and

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