Can I Put A 2k Resistor On A 4219 Zone Expander?

Yes, each zone that is used on the Honeywell 4219 zone expander must have a 2K-ohm end-of-line resistor connected across the end of its loop.

If EOLR option is selected, terminate each programmed zone with a 2K OHM end of line resistor. Each zone’s max loop resistance is 300 OHMS plus EOL.

EOLR value is 2K ohms.

If normally closed option is selected, connect all zones as NC loops. Make protection zone connections to the module’s 12-position terminal block TB1. Set DIP switch 7 for the desired zone operation either NC or EOLR:

OFF = End of line resistor operation., UL: Set to OFF (EOLR)

ON = Normally closed operation

The method of programming each zone for the type of alarm and reporting code to the central monitoring station varies with the control panel to which the module is connected. Refer to the Installation and Setup Guide for that control unit.

The Honeywell 4219 expander module adds up to eight normally closed or eight end-of-line resistor supervised zones to compatible control panels via the control’s keypad wiring.

The 4219 expander module may be mounted inside the control’s cabinet or remotely. If mounted remotely, there are provisions to tamper protect the unit. Communication to the module is supervised so that it cannot be disconnected from the keypad wiring without detection by the control panel. If the wiring is cut, a tamper alarm or signal will be sent to indicate that the 4219 zone expander has become inoperative.

Remember to always disconnect power to the control panel before installing a Honeywell 4219 expander module and mount the 4219 before making any wire connections.

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