Can I Turn Off the Siren for a DSC Impassa?

Yes, you can turn off the siren for a DSC Impass. The option for the internal siren is found within the 11th System Options Menu. This menu is assigned programming option 024. The 11th System Options Menu can be accessed from within System Programming, which requires the Installer Code.

The DSC Impassa internal siren produces sounds of up to 85 dB. The siren will activate when an alarm event occurs, as long as it is enabled. If the siren is turned off, then it will not produce any sound during an alarm. But silent alerts will still be sent to the end user and/or a central station, assuming that the system is monitored.

If you want to turn off the internal siren for a DSC Impassa, complete the following steps:

1. Enter programming. You can access programming on a DSC Impassa by entering in the command [*] [8] [Installer Code]. The default Installer Code for the system is 5555. If the command was entered correctly, the system will display "Enter Section", indicating that programming has been accessed.

2. Access 11th System Options. Enter in the section code of [024]. This is the section for the 11th System Options Menu. The option for the internal siren is found within this menu.

3. Toggle the siren. From the 11th System Options Menu, the Internal Siren Option is Option 3. There will either be a # or - next to the 3. The # symbol means that the internal siren is On, and the - symbol means that the siren is Off. Press the [3] key to toggle the internal siren between On and Off. If you want to turn off the siren, make sure that there is a - next to 3.

4. Exit programming. Keep pressing the [#] key until you are taken back to the home screen. Any programming changes that were made will be saved automatically.

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