Can I Use a Rachio Irrigation System With

Yes, you can use a Rachio Irrigation System with By pairing your Rachio account with your account, you can control your irrigation system from You can also create a schedule for your Rachio System from This is perfect for automatic operation!

In order to complete the Rachio Integration, you must have the Irrigation Service Package Add-On applied to your account. This can only be done by an alarm monitoring company. Some monitoring companies may charge extra for this add-on. However, Alarm Grid does not charge any additional fee for applying the Irrigation Package Add-On for You just need to have an account with Alarm Grid. is included with any Gold or Platinum Level Plan from Alarm Grid. Please check our monitoring page for more information.

You can pair your Rachio Irrigation System account with your account after your monitoring company enables the Irrigation Service Package Add-On. The integration must be completed using the Mobile App. You cannot complete the integration from the website. The next time you login to your Account, you should see a new "Irrigation" card on the main screen. You should press the blue button with the message "Connect to account". Please note that it is recommended that you configure Rachio schedules and zones before completing the integration.

From there, you will need to provide your Rachio login information and select "Allow Access". It will take a few minutes for the pairing process to complete. Once it does, the Irrigation Card on the Mobile App will provide you with helpful information. The card will display when the device was last used and what zone was watered. The card will also show whether the irrigation system is in Rain Delay or Standby Mode.

There are many irrigation actions that can be performed from You can set your Rachio System to Standby or Rain Delay Mode. You can begin watering for all zones or individual zones for a set amount of time. You can create an irrigation schedule so that different zones are watered when needed. And you can view whenever a zone was last watered.

Keep the following in mind when using the Rachio integration for

  • Zones and Schedules cannot be interacted with while watering. You must stop watering before you can make any changes to the set configurations.
  • If you want to water Zones that are not in a schedule, you should select "Water All Zones", and then deselect any Zones you do not want to be watered.
  • The Mobile App will show Schedule names, but specific Zones and watering durations are only visible in the Rachio App. You should use the Rachio App to give each schedule a name you can recognize. This will help you identify the Schedules when using
  • You can can change Rachio Zone names from the Rachio App or the Devices page on the website after logging in.

Note: If you are adding both Rachio and Rain Bird Irrigation Systems to your account, make sure you add the Rachio System before the Rain Bird System.

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