Can I Use a Honeywell 5853 With A Honeywell Vista 20P?

Yes, a wireless Honeywell 5853 Glass Break Detector can be used with a Vista 20P panel.

The Honeywell Vista 20P is traditionally a hardwire panel. When paired with either a 5800 series wireless receiver or an RF keypad, the Vista 20P will support up to forty (40) wireless expansion zones. The three (3) most commonly used receivers are 5881ENL, which is an 8 zone wireless receiver, 5881ENM, a sixteen (16) zone wireless receiver and the 5881ENH, which is a unlimited zone wireless receiver. The Vista 20P compatible RF keypads are: the 6150RF, which has a 5881ENM built right into it and will support sixteen (16) wireless zones. The 6160RF keypad has a 5881ENH built into it which will support the total of forty (40) wireless zones on the Vista 20P. The 6162RF also has a 5881ENH wireless receiver built in which will maximize the number of wireless zones in the Vista 20P. Only one (1) wireless receiver can be added to the Vista 20P, so future expansion should be kept in mind during the decision process on which wireless receiver to be used.

Once a receiver is installed and connected to the Vista 20P panel, a wireless Honeywell 5853 glass break detector can be added. Before mounting the 5853 wireless glass break. Separate the front case from the back, remove the pull tab and insert two (2) CR-123A battery. Select a mounting location no further than twenty-five (25) feet from the protected glass and 6.5 (six.five) feet up from the floor (refer to installation manual for complete install instructions). When programming the 5853 wireless glass break detector specify Input Type = 3 (Supervised RF) and Loop 1.

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