Can I Use an Interlogix Simon XTi or XTi-5 w/o Monitoring?

Yes, you can use an Interlogix Simon XTi or XTi-5 without monitoring. But they will be extremely limited in terms of functionality. Without monitoring, a Simon XTi or XTi-5 can only be used as a local sounder to alert on-site users. The system will have no way of sending outbound signals.

The term "alarm monitoring" is used to describe the service that an alarm system uses to send outbound alerts, notifications and signals. There are many different types of alarm monitoring plans. Depending upon the type of plan, alerts may be sent to a central monitoring station or directly to the end user via text and/or email. Of the possible monitoring options, central station monitoring is generally preferred, since it will allow a user to receive automatic emergency dispatch. But for users who do not require automatic dispatch, self-monitoring is also a viable option.

When a system is not covered by a monitoring plan, it has no way of sending out alerts or signals. In other words, messages cannot be sent to a central monitoring station or directly to the end user. So unless the user is on-site and actively listening, it is highly unlikely that help will be sent out to an unmonitored system during an alarm event. However, for users who are almost always on-site and don't necessarily need signals to be sent out. this can serve as a viable option.

For any user who does choose to go the unmonitored route, it is very important to remember that their property will be vulnerable whenever they leave the site. If an intrusion occurs, an alarm may occur, and a siren may sound, but unless somebody alerts the authorities, no other action will be taken. The sound may scare a burglar, but if they see that no one responds to the alarm, this may embolden them to come back. The same holds true if a fire were to occur when no one is home. With no one to alert the fire department, the loss could be devastating. For that reason, we strongly advise users to obtain alarm monitoring plans so that they are protected at all times.

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