Can I Use Legrand Audio With

Yes, you can use Legrand Audio with By pairing your Legrand account with, you can control your Legrand setup through the ADC App. You can also include your Legrand Audio setup with ADC smart scenes for automatic activation based on a schedule or with system events.

The Mobile App allows you to perform a selection of Legrand Audio functions. You can initiate or stop audio playback for any Legrand Zone, check the activity status of any Legrand Zone, adjust the volume, mute/unmute, and launch the Legrand App directly from the ADC App. But perhaps the best feature is to include your Legrand devices with your ADC Smart Scenes. This will allow your audio to activate automatically alongside other devices such as smart lights, thermostat, door locks, and your alarm system.

As of October 2019, the following Legrand hardware is compatible with

  • Digital Audio Distribution Module (AU7000)
  • Digital Audio Amplified Keypad (AU7010-XX)
  • Digital Audio Expansion Modules (AU7004)
  • Digital Input Module (AU7001)
  • Digital Audio Local Source Input (AU7008-XX)
  • Digital Audio Global Source Input (AU7007-XX)

In order to use the Legrand Audio integration for, you must have the Audio Integration Service Package Add-On applied to your account. This add-on package can be applied by your monitoring company. Your monitoring company may charge extra for this add-on. However, Alarm Grid customers with access to can receive this add-on at no additional charge. If you do not have an account, we recommend checking out our monitoring page to learn more about our monitoring plans. is included with any Gold or Platinum Level Plan from Alarm Grid.

You should use the Mobile App to complete the Legrand integration. The device using the Mobile App should be on the same WIFI network as the Legrand Audio Distribution Module when completing the pairing process. After logging into, choose the menu icon (three horizontal bars). Then select Audio > Select System > Legrand > Done. Then press the Start button to load speakers or zones associated with the Legrand Digital Audio System into Then press Continue and follow any additional steps displayed on the screen to complete the pairing process. Please note that it is recommended that you download the latest version of the Mobile App before attempting to integrate your Legrand Digital Audio System with

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