Can I Use My Phone To Arm Or Disarm The L7000?

The Lynx Touch L7000 comes equipped with capabilities to be controlled remotely by any computer, smart phone or ios device.

To be able to arm or disarm the Lynx Touch L7000 by a smartphone, the control panel must be connected to either a cell communicator, wifi or internet. The Lynx Touch L7000 is capable to communicate by all three options. The compatible cell communicator is a GSMVLP5-4G. The L5100 wifi module makes it easy to connect via wifi or the ILP5, Honeywell’s AlarmNet internet communicator. Installing any of these options provides the ability to connect to Honeywell’s Total Connect 2.0. Honeywell’s Total Connect 2.0 provides a user the ability to control a Honeywell alarm system remotely by any computer, smartphone or ios device. A user can receive notifications on any alarm event via email and or text message when having a Total Connect 2.0 account. A user must go through a Honeywell dealer (monitoring company) to be able to have a Total Connect 2.0 account. Honeywell does have a Lynx Touch app that a user can download from iTunes or Google Play for a nominal fee, which allows a user to arm or disarm a Lynx Touch alarm system, but utilizing this app will not send any notifications on any alarm event. 

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