Can I Use Sonos Audio With

Yes, you can use Sonos Audio with By pairing your Sonos account with, you can control your Sonos Speakers conveniently from the App. You can also use your speakers with smart scenes so that they activate automatically based on a schedule or with system events.

The Mobile App allows you to perform a selection of Sonos Audio functions. These functions include playing audio from a list of favorites, controlling audio playback (play/pause, adjust volume, mute, etc.), and selecting whether audio is played on all speakers or select speaker groups. For complete control, you will still need to use the actual Sonos App. The ADC integration also allows you to launch the Sonos App directly from the App.

One of the biggest reasons to use Sonos with is to integrate your speakers with Smart Scenes. This way, you can have your Sonos Speakers activate alongside other devices, including your smart lights, thermostat, door locks, and security system. You can create a scene that evokes the perfect atmosphere for listening to music or enjoying your favorite podcast. You might also use this function to make it appear like you are home, when really you are on vacation.

In order to use the Sonos integration, you must have the Audio Integration Service Package Add-On applied to your account. If you do not have this add-on applied, then you should ask your alarm monitoring company. Some monitoring companies may charge extra for this add-on. If you do not yet have an account, you will need to sign up for a monitoring plan. Note that Alarm Grid does not charge any additional monthly fee for enabling the Audio Integration Service Pack Add-On to an account.

You will also need to have version 4.10.4 or higher of the Mobile App, plus either an iOS device with firmware version 8.0 or higher or an Android device with firmware version 2.1 or higher. You must have the current version of the Sonos Mobile App and the latest Sonos Speaker software. Note that you will need to provide your Sonos account information to for the integration to work.

You can only associate one (1) Sonos account with your account at a time. If you want to use a different Sonos account with, you must dissociate the current Sonos account before you can pair your account with a different Sonos account. You may need to have your monitoring company dissociate the Sonos account for you. You can contact your monitoring company for them to do this.

If you want to integrate your Sonos account with, first make sure that your monitoring company has applied the Audio Integration Service Package Add-On. From there, start by logging into your account using the Mobile App. Choose the Menu Icon (three horizontal bars), followed by Audio. Select Sonos from the dropdown, and then press Start. Choose Continue on the following screen, provide your Sonos account information, and then press Sign In. The integration is complete after you press Okay to give permission to control your Sonos Sound System.

Note: Only audio that has been added to My Sonos will appear within the App. Make sure to add any music or podcasts you want to use with to My Sonos.

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