Can I Utilize Scene Control w/o Opening the App?

Yes, you can utilize scene control without opening the App. Smart scenes can be controlled from the website on a computer instead of opening the Mobile App. Additionally, some panels will allow the user to perform local control of smart scenes for Z-Wave devices.

A smart scene is used for controlling multiple Z-Wave smart home devices at once. This is useful because the user won't have to set each Z-Wave device individually. For example, a user might have a Z-Wave smart scene called "bedtime" where they turn off all of their Z-Wave lights, lock their door and set their Z-Wave thermostat to a comfortable sleeping temperature. A smart scene can be set to activate automatically on a schedule or with certain system events. But smart scenes can also be triggered manually by the end user at any time.

Most users will control their smart scenes from the Mobile App. This is because the app is easy to use, and the user will typically have their Android or iOS smartphone on them at all times. This will allow the user to operate their smart scenes from essentially anywhere in the world. But a user doesn't have to use the mobile app to control programmed smart scenes. As long as the user can access, they will be able to accomplish this task.

Since can be accessed on its website using any web browser, a user can simply login to on their computer to control smart scenes. This can be a great alternative to users who cannot access the app for any reason. Additionally, some alarm panels will allow a user to control smart scenes from their panel locally. Check the instructions of your alarm system to find out if this is possible. But please note that some panels will only allow Z-Wave control through

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