Can Wink Recognize a Z-Wave Device that is Enabled Under Another Controller?

No, Wink cannot recognize a Z-Wave device that is enabled under another controller. A Z-Wave smart home device can only be paired with one Z-Wave network. The Z-Wave device would need to be cleared from the network before it can be paired with another Z-Wave controller like the Wink.

The way that a Z-Wave setup works is that each Z-Wave device can only be paired with only one Z-Wave controller at a time. In order to pair it with a different controller, the device will need to be cleared from the network first. This will tell the Z-Wave device that it is no longer paired with the other Z-Wave controller. The Z-Wave device will then be able to successfully enroll with a new Z-Wave controller.

When learning-in a new Z-Wave device, it is recommended that the user always clears the Z-Wave device from the network first. This is true even if the device is brand-new right out of the box. Many Z-Wave devices are paired with a Z-Wave network before they even leave the factory as part of testing purposes. By clearing the device from the network first, a user can be sure that it will successfully pair with the network. This makes clearing a very important step whenever a user is setting up a new Z-Wave device.

If a user wants to control the Z-Wave device from both the Wink and another Z-Wave controller, it may be possible to set up the other Z-Wave controller as a secondary controller with the Wink. When the Z-Wave device is paired with the Wink, it will be automatically pushed over to the other controller as well. This way, the device can be operated from both controllers. The user will also be able to use the Z-Wave device with rules and scenes on the secondary Z-Wave controller.

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