Can I Turn Off a Siren On A Honeywell L7000?

Though the siren can't be completely disabled, you do have an option, via programming, to have it sound at a lower volume and pitch, for testing purposes.

To start, the panel must be in the disarmed mode. From the Home screen, go to Security > More > Tools > Installer Code (4112 is default) > Program > Down Arrow > Sounder > Burglary Alarm Sound and set it to "No". Save, then use the back arrow to back completely out of programming, making sure to say "Yes" when prompted "Allow Installer to Re-enter Program?".

When "No" is selected in this entry, all audible alarms will sound with the same dB rating and tone as an alarm for a zone programmed as 24 Hour Auxiliary. Remember that this is a programming option, therefore it will not time out on its own. If using this option for testing purposes, be sure to go back through programming and set this option back to "Yes" for normal operation.

The only way to truly disable the siren is to disconnect the siren cable connector from the main circuit board. By disconnecting the siren completely, the system will not sound at all, even if there is an intrusion. Signals will still be sent, if enabled.

The Lynx Touch L7000 allows the volume of the sounder to be a adjusted for things like chime, and entry/exit beeps. Chime can be turned off, and up to 10 different chime sounds can be selected per zone.

To lower the volume of the sounder for events which occur in the disarmed state, make sure the system is disarmed. Select Security > More > Settings > and slide the Volume indicator left or right, left to decrease and right to increase the volume levels. Press “Save” when finished.

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