Do I Need an Internet Connection to Use Honeywell L7000

Although you can connect the Honeywell Lynx Touch L7000 to the internet using the L5100 Wifi module or the ILP5 communicator which requires running an ethernet cable from the panel to the router, it is not necessary to have an internet connection to use the L7000.

Connecting the Honeywell Lynx Touch L7000 via internet, provides the benefit of connecting to Total Connect 2.0, and a monitoring station. Wifi connection is very popular. As long as the users internet is reliable this is a great way to connect. If the users internet is less reliable, connecting by a cell communicator would be the way to go. There is also the option of dual path communication. Dual path communication is connecting by both the internet and a cell communicator. The first path of communication for dual path would be the wifi connection. If the signal does not transmit (for whatever reason) the cell communicator would send the signal.

Note: if the users internet connection is lost, the communication between the L7000 and the monitoring station or Total Connect 2.0 is lost. Most internet lines are outside and if tampered with or cut, no signals would be sent. The alarm would sound locally only.

The Honeywell Lynx Touch L7000 is the latest version in the Lynx Touch series. It provides the largest touchscreen, 7 (seven) inches with color graphic icons. The Honeywell Lynx Touch L7000 also provides the most zones; 1 hardwire, 80 programmable wireless and 24 dedicated key fob zones.

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