Does a Honeywell 5800PIR-RES Motion Light Up?

Yes, a Honeywell 5800PIR-RES Motion will light up. The sensor is equipped with a walk test mode for testing the sensor. In this mode, the sensor will produce a red LED light whenever motion is detected. The sensor will automatically enter this mode upon being powered on for the first time.

Honeywell 5800pir res wireless pet immune motion detector close upThe 5800PIR-RES is a wireless motion sensor from the Honeywell 5800 Series of wireless sensors. It operates at a wireless frequency of 345 MHz, making it compatible with any Honeywell or 2GIG Alarm System. The device features a detection range of 35 by 40 feet, making it perfect for homes and small businesses. The sensor also provides pet-immunity for animals up to 80 pounds. This way, pets should not accidentally set off the sensor when it is installed correctly. However, the sensor may still activate if the pet is able to get on top of furniture or climb stairs that will bring it too close to the front of the motion detector.

When a 5800PIR-RES motion sensor is powered on for the first time, it will automatically enter into its walk test mode. In this mode, the sensor will display a red LED light whenever it detects motion. This way, the user can walk around the room and make sure that the sensor will accurately detect any motion in the area. The sensor will automatically exit its walk test mode after 10 minutes. To put the device back into walk test mode, simply remove the battery, and then re-insert it to re-power the device.

If a user is not satisfied with the result of the walk test, there are a few things that they can do to remedy the situation. One is to mount the sensor in a different location. Most motions should be mounted at a height of six to eight feet for maximum coverage. Mounting the motion at a different height or in a different location could produce better results. if all else fails, a user can try changing the lens of the motion sensor or covering up a portion of the lens to restrict its detection area.

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