Does A Vista 21iP Panel Have A Chime By Zone Function?

Yes, the Honeywell Vista 21iP control panel does have a chime by zone function.

To access and enable the chime by zone function, enter Data Field programming by entering the installer code (factory default installer code is 4112) followed by the numbers 8 0 0. Enter Field Programming, star (*) 26 which is Chime By Zone List / Keypad Sound Enables.

Entry 1

For no chime by zone and no entry 1 keypad trouble sounds - enter 0 (keypad will chime on fault of any entry/exit or perimeter zone when chime mode is on)

To enable Chime by Zone - enter 1

To enable Communication Device (LRR) trouble sounding (for devices such as GSMV) - enter 2

To enable System Low Battery sound - enter 4

To enable all options on entry 1 - enter 7

If Chime by Zone is enabled (entry 1 – option 1), users can define the specific zones intended to chime when faulted while the system is in Chime mode. List chime zones on zone list 3 using *81 Menu mode in Field Programming.

Entry 2

For no “entry 2” keypad trouble sounds - enter 0

To enable RF Supervision sound - enter 1

To enable RF Low Battery sound - enter 2

To enable RF Jam sound - enter 4

To enable all entry 2 options - enter 7

The Honeywell Vista 21iP is basically two units combined in one. The Vista 21iP control panel has all the features of the Vista 20P control panel plus a built in 7847i internet communicator. Users connect an Ethernet wire from an open port on a router or switch to the RJ45 Ethernet connector on the 7847i. The Vista 21iP has 8 on board hardwired zones with 40 hardwired expansion zones and 40 wireless expansion zones.

The Honeywell Vista 21iP control panel is ideally suited for residential and commercial applications. 

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yes the 21ip does have the feature to enable chime by zone
Hi, i have a Vista 21IP, and a 6160 keypad. And i was wondering if you can enable a single perimeter zone to chime instead of all perimeter doors?
No, unfortunately you can't change the chime sound on that panel.
Bingo! Second question, I have a 6160, is there any option for a single chime instead of three? Thanks again! Your youtube videos made the installation a breeze, too!
Is your keypad displaying the word Chime now? You don't need to use "Chime by Zone" as fire zones don't chime so you can disable that feature and all zones should chime as long as you have chime enabled on the keypad. Keep in mind, going in and out of programming will toggle chime off if it's on.
Hello, I have a Vista 21ip and I am failing to get my zones to chime via the keypad. I have enabled chime and have added all zones except fire to zone list 3 in *81. Any suggestions? Thanks! Mike

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