Does Alarm Grid Allow Financing With Affirm?

Yes, Alarm Grid allows financing with Affirm In 2015. Alarm Grid teamed up with Affirm to provide our customers with the option to pay monthly for the purchase of an alarm system. Offering financing options on various system equipment allows us to make many of our products more affordable.

During checkout, customers will see the option to “Buy Now With Easy Monthly Payments”. By clicking on this option, and it will take customers to Affirm form. You will be required to provide various information to apply for credit from Affirm. This is a soft credit check, and you will be notified of an offer upon approval.

Enter your cell phone number. You will use this number to access your Affirm account. Also provide you date of birth and the last four digits of your social security number. A security pin will be texted to your cell phone after you click "create an account". Enter the security pin, and click verify. This will take you to Additional Information page. You will be required to enter your complete social security number. A soft credit check will be immediately processed to quickly notify you of the offer and terms.

Alarm Grid offers alarm system products and monitoring. We alarm products and monitoring separate for several reasons. Instead of locking customers into a high monthly fee to include “free” equipment, Affirm provides the option to pay monthly installments. The customer can decide between 3, 6 and 12 month options. Once the monthly payments end, the customer isn’t stuck payment high monthly payments for monitoring. By paying for monitoring service separately, the low monthly rate continues.

Many customer have existing alarm systems and are just looking for monitoring. Alarm Grid offers monitoring with no contracts, no activation fee and no hidden fees. You can sign-up for Alarm Grid monitoring by clicking the orange "Alarm Monitoring" button at the top of this page.

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