Does Honeywell Make A Wireless Strobe Light?

No, Honeywell does not offer a wireless strobe light. However, users can still add a hardwired strobe or siren with a strobe light to a Lynx series wireless control panel by pairing the siren, siren strobe with a Lynx-Ext.

The Lynx-Ext is a sounder kit constructed by Alarm Grid to convert wired sirens, siren strobe combos into wireless sirens. The kit includes a Honeywell 5800RL wireless relay, one Ultra Tech 1240 panel battery, one Honeywell 1361 AC transformer, one Honeywell AD 12612 auxiliary power supply and one 7 x 8 x 3.5 metal cabinet.

The power supply, battery and wireless relay will be housed in the metal cabinet so install the metal cabinet right next to the siren location. Make a wire run using 18 gauge, 2 conductor wire from the AC receptacle to the siren location. Run 2 wires from the cabinet to the transformer and 2 wires from the cabinet to the siren. Connect the Honeywell 1361 AC transformer to the AC input on the Honeywell AD 12612 auxiliary power supply. The DC + positive output on the AD12612 will land on terminal 7 (AC or DC +) on the relay; then DC - negative on the AD12612 to terminal 8 (AC or DC -). Now make a jumper between terminal 8 (DC -) and terminal 2 (NO) on Relay A. Now connect terminal 3 (COM) on relay A to the ground (-) on the siren. Connect the DC + positive from the AD12612 auxiliary power supply to the positive (+) terminal on the siren. After all connections have been made it is always wise to confirm connections are tight. Connect the 1240 panel battery to the battery leads of the AD 12612 auxiliary power supply matching polarity. Plug the 1361 transformer into an AC power outlet that is not controlled by a wall switch. Enroll the 5800RL wireless relay by following the instructions of the installation manual to the Lynx series control panel.

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