Does It Matter If The WIFI Network Used w/ My System is Not Secure?

Yes, it does matter if the WIFI network used with your system is not secure. If an intruder accesses your WIFI network, they may be able to obtain sensitive information. This could allow them to access and disable your security system. Always use your system on a secure network.

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Without getting too technical, an non-secured network is a network that can be accessed without a password. This means that anyone can just walk right up with an appropriate WIFI device and connect to the network, no questions asked. Many users wonder if potentially allowing outsiders on their network like this presents a problem. The reality is that if a savvy intruder is able to access your WIFI network in this way, then they can cause a lot of problems.

If your security system is connected to the same WIFI network that an intruder is able to access, then they potentially have access to quite a bit of information. An intruder who knows what they are doing will be able to access any video feeds for cameras and current panel information. If you use that same network to login to an interactive service platform like Total Connect 2.0 or, then the intruder may even be able to steal your login information. And if they get your login information, then they can use that platform to arm or disarm your system at any time!

The easiest way to know whether or not your WIFI network is secure is by checking it on the list of networks in the area. A secure network will usually have a small lock next to it. If the network does not have a lock next to it, and you can connect to it without a password, then it is not secure. A non-secure network can easily be accessed by anyone in the area. With that in mind, always make sure your system is connected to a secure network. Additionally, always make sure you access TC2 or ADC using a secure WIFI connection or a cellular connection on your phone. It is also important to make sure you use the most secure WIFI network settings available on your local network. We recommend using the WPA2 protocol if possible.

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