Does the 5800PIR-RES Have a Camera or is it Just a Motion Detector?

No, the 5800PIR-RES does not have a camera, and it is just a motion detector. The 5800PIR-RES is a passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor that works by looking for changes in infrared energy. When the device senses a substantial change in IR energy, it will alert the system.

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The 5800PIR-RES works by looking for changes in infrared energy that occur with movement. When a person walks within the field of view (FOV) of the sensor, it will cause a large change in IR energy. This will cause the sensor to activate, and it will send an alert to the security system. But please note that it is also important to mount the sensor so that it does not cause false alarms due to other changes in IR energy. This could be due to sunlight from a window or flowing air from a vent. Also, users who have pets should make sure that their pets are unable to get within the view of the sensor. The device should not be facing a stairway of a tall piece of furniture that a pet could climb on top of.

An motion sensor with a camera is commonly referred to an "image sensor". This type of device works like a motion sensor, but it will also take a still image of the area when motion is detected. The picture will then be forwarded to an interactive service platform so that the user can see the activity. This can be very important for determining if a break-in is really occurring or if it was just a false alarm. With the 5800PIR-RES, the user can still be notified remotely through their interactive service when their motion sensor has been activated. But they won't be able to view a corresponding image.

Additionally, many security cameras also operate based on motion. These devices can be configured to start recording as soon as motion is detected. The recording will then be temporarily saved to the cloud so that the user can access the footage through their interactive service platform. If the user decides that the footage is important, they can permanently save it for later use. But keep in mind, the user will need a monitoring plan that includes video surveillance if they want to use security cameras.

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