Does the ADC-T3000 Qualify as an Energy Star Connected Thermostat?

Yes, the ADC-T3000 qualifies as an Energy Star Connected Thermostat. This makes the thermostat eligible for special rebate programs from utility companies that range from $25 to $150. Many homeowners install Energy Star Thermostats to receive rebates and to help protect the environment.

If you are unfamiliar with Energy Star, it refers to a special program in the United States that is operated by the government with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other unwanted pollutants. The purpose of this program is to identify products that can help protect the environment, and to incentivize consumers to use these products in their homes and businesses. As a certified Energy Star Thermostat, the ADC-T3000 is built to be energy-efficient and cost-saving, while still maximizing user comfort.

In order to qualify as an Energy Start Certified Thermostat, the ADC-T3000 Z-Wave Plus Smart Thermostat had to meet the criteria outlined below. A more complete list of requirements is available on the Energy Star Government Website.

  • Demonstrates proven energy savings.
  • Provides an accurate measurement of static temperature.
  • Offers a network standby mode to minimize average power consumption.
  • Enters network standby mode after a certain amount of time following user interaction.

Some utility companies offer rebates for users who install certified Energy Star Thermostats. The majority of these rebates are offered with homeowners in mind, but there are some rebates available for businesses as well. These rebates typically range from $25 to $150 in savings. You may view rebates from partners of Energy Star, or you may contact your utility provider directly to learn about potential rebate programs in your area.

Remember, using an Energy Star Certified Thermostat does not guarantee that you will receive a rebate. These rebates and incentives are offered at the discretion of the utility provider. They are not associated with Alarm Grid or If you have any specific questions regarding rebate programs, please direct them to the associated utility company. However, even without a rebate, the ADC-T3000 is a worthwhile investment, that will likely pay for itself with both energy savings and convenience.

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