Honeywell 5800MICRA vs 5815

The Honeywell 5800MICRA is a one zone, wireless recessed transmitter. The transmitter is call “micra” because it is the smallest wireless transmitter Honeywell offers. The dimensions are ¾” Diameter with a cavity depth of 0.330”. The wire antenna is 11” x 0.050” Diameter and is 24 gauge. As tiny as the 5800MICRA is, it still has a RF transmitting range of 100 feet and will operate in temperatures that range from 10 degrees F - 120 degrees F. The 5800MICRA is recessed so it requires a ¾” diameter hole drilled into the edge of the window frame or door frame no more than 11/32” deep. A ¾” Forstner bit is recommended. Mount on vinyl or wood doors; do not install on any metal frame window or door. The 5800MICRA is supervised, has RF supervision and low battery detection. The 5800MICRA operates on one 3V lithium coin battery (CR1620) and has a battery life of up to 10 years.

The Honeywell 5815 is a two zone, wireless surface mount transmitter. Like the 5800MICRA, the 5815 is a very small transmitter with dimensions of 1-1/2"W x 3"H x 7/8"D. The 5815 has 2 loops. Loop 1 is for wired terminals and loop 2 has 2 built in reed switches which are in parallel with each other. One is located on one end and the other on the side. Only one may be used at a time. The 5815 has an RF transmitting range of 200 feet and will operate in temperatures that range from 32 degrees F - 120 degrees F. The 5815 is surfaced mount and very easy to install. Like the 5800MICRA the 5815 is also supervised, has RF supervision, low battery detection and also has tamper protection and will send a signal to the control panel as soon as the cover is removed. The 5815 operates on one 3V Lithium battery either the Panasonic CR123A, Duracell DL123A, or ADEMCO 466. The 5815 is UL listed for residential burg and fire.

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