Honeywell 5800MICRA vs 5819

The Honeywell 5800MICRA is a wireless, ¾” , recessed one zone transmitter. The 5800MICRA lives up to it’s name by being the smallest recessed transmitter Honeywell offers. The dimensions are 3/4" diameter and 1/3" long. The 5800MICRA has 1 reed switch built in, loop 1 normally closed. The 5800MICRA has an RF transmitting range of 100 feet. The 5800MICRA is supervised for check in signals and low battery detection. The 5800MICRA is ideal for vinyl or wood doors and windows but should not be used on metal. It requires a user to drill a ¾” diameter, 11/32” deep hole and the antenna must be fully extended and straight for the best transmitting range. The 5800MICRA is not weatherproof, but can operate in up to 95% humidity and will operate in temperatures ranging from 10 degrees F - 120 degrees F.

The 5819 is a wireless 3 zone shock processor and transmitter. The first zone, loop 1, is for wired, normally closed external shock sensors. The second, loop 2, is for the built in magnetic reed switch for closed contacts and using a magnet and the third, loop 3, is for a wired, normally closed circuit contact. All this compacted in a 4.8"W x 1.5"H x 1"D device. The 5819 connects to inertia type shock detectors that are mounted externally to the transmitter case. The 5819 has an RF transmitting range of 200 feet and is supervised for check in signals if programmed as input type RF. The 5819 does have low battery detection and tamper protection and will send a signal to the control panel when the battery is low and the cover is removed. Like the 5800MICRA, the 5819 is not weatherproof, but will operate in humidity of 95%, however the 5819 operates in temperatures ranging from 32 degrees F - 120 degrees F. The 5819 is a surface mount transmitter so no drilling holes required.

Both the 5800MICRA and the 5819 are part of Honeywell’s 5800 series and are excellent choices in protection. 

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