Honeywell 5800RPS vs 5814

Honeywell’s 5800RPS is the smallest wireless recessed door transmitter Honeywell offers. The 5800RPS uses a plunger instead of a reed switch with a magnet. The 5800RPS should only be installed on doors because the hole size needed is too deep and might cause windows to leak during rain storms. The 5800RPS dimensions are 0.750” diameter with the wire antenna being 8” x ⅛” with a cavity depth of 1”, with these dimensions, the transmitter virtually disappears after it’s installed. The 5800RPS should not be used on metal doors as this will interfere with the RF transmitting. The 5800RPS will operate in temperatures ranging from 10 degrees F to 120 degrees F. The 5800RPS operates on one 3V lithium battery which usually will last for 7 years.

Honeywell’s 5814 is an ultra small wireless surface mounted door/window transmitter. The 5814 is a perfect solution where size is an issue. Unlike the 5800RPS which is for doors only, the 5814 can be installed on both doors and windows. The 5814 has a built in reed switch and the magnet is included. The 5814 dimensions are 1 ½” H x 1 3/16” W x ⅝” D, make this transmitter perfect for casement windows. The 5814 will operate in temperatures ranging from 32 degrees F to 120 degrees F. The 5814 operates on 1, 3V coin battery and will last from 3-5 years.

In comparison, the 5800RPS is the perfect solution for needing a concealed wireless door transmitter and the 5814 would be the perfect solution to any door or window where a small transmitter is needed.

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