Honeywell 5800RPS vs 5816OD

The Honeywell 5800RPS is a wireless, 1 zone, Recessed Roller Plunger transmitter. The 5800RPS is the smallest wireless recessed transmitter Honeywell has to offer with dimensions of ¾” diameter and the antenna is 8” x ⅛” and a cavity depth of 1”. The 5800RPS is not weatherproof but operates in temperatures that range from 10 degrees F to 120 degrees F. The 5800RPS uses a plunger instead of a reed switch and magnet. Loop 1 is the only loop on the transmitter.

The Honeywell 5816OD is a wireless, 2 zone, Outdoor transmitter. The 5816OD has dimensions of; the sensor is 2.01" W x 4.25" H x 1.4" D and the magnet is .89" W x 4.02" H x .92" D. The 5816OD is ideal for protecting sheds, fences, gates and pools. The 5816OD is weatherproof and operates in temperatures that range from -40 degrees F to +150 degrees F. The 5816OD had 2 loops normally closed. Loop 1, is for a hardwire contact, a Form C contact is recommended to provide the best RF immunity against false alarms, and maximum stability in extremely cold environments. Loop 2 is the internal reed switch, to be used with the provided magnet to meet specified gap rating.

Both the 5800RPS and 5816OD are supervised transmitters and have RF transmission supervision.

The 5816OD is to be surface mounted and has a maximum magnet spacing gap is 1.9” if mounted to wood, and 1.4” if mounted to steel. For wood and non-magnetic surfaces, the typical breaking gap is 1.36”. For steel and other magnetic surfaces, the typical breaking gap is 0.78”. The 5800PRS does not use a magnet so it does not have a magnet spacing gap.

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