Honeywell 5800RPS vs 5819WHS

The Honeywell 5800RPS is a wireless Recessed Roller Plunger transmitter. Because the 5800RPS is recessed, it provides concealed protection and almost disappears once it’s installed. The dimensions of the 5800RPS are ¾” diameter and the antenna is 8” x 1”. Users are to mount the 5800RPS on the hinged side of the door, drilling a ¾” diameter x 1 ¼” hole. Drill a second hole for the antenna ¼” diameter x 8”. The antenna must be fully extended when installed to provide the best RF signal. Installing the 5800RPS on metal or steel door frames is not recommended due to interference with signal. The 5800RPS transmitter uses a plunger instead of a reed switch with a magnet, loop 1. The 5800RPS operates on, one 3V lithium coin cell battery and should have a battery life of up to 7 years. The 5800RPS is not weatherproof but will operate in temperatures ranging from 10 degrees F to 120 degrees F. The 5800RPS is supervised for RF transmitter supervision and low battery detection.

The 5819WHS is a wireless Shock Processor and Transmitter. The 5819WHS is unique as it provides vibration detection, detected by a built in Inertia shock sensor. The 5819WHS is a surface mounted transmitter and must be mounted vertically on a surface with the arrow pointing upward for the shock sensor to work properly. The dimensions of the 5819WHS are 4.8"W x 1.5"H x 1"D. The 5819WHS has 3 loops. Loop 1, is the built in shock sensor, normally closed. The 5819WHS is designed to detect vibration so under shock conditions will become an open circuit for a moment. Loop 2, normally closed is the built in reed switch to be used with a magnet. Loop 3, normally closed is for externally wired closed circuit contacts. The 5819WHS operates on, one 3V lithium battery and has a battery life expectincy of 3-5 years. If the shock loop is not being used, it must be strapped out, or it will extremely shorten the battery life. Like the 5800RPS the 5819WHS is not weatherproof and operates in temperatures ranging from 32 degrees F - 120 degrees F. The 5819WHS has an RF transmitting range of 200 feet. The 5819WHS is supervised for RF transmitter supervision, low battery detection and tamper detection. 

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