Honeywell 5814 vs 5819

The 5814 is a mini surface mount, 1 zone wireless door/window transmitter. The 5814 is extremely compact with dimensions of 1 ½”W x 1-3/16”H x ⅝”D. The 5814 is ideal for that small hard to reach space. The 5814 has a built in reed switch, loop 1 normally closed. The 5814 operates on one 3V coin battery and should last 3-5 years. The 5814 has an RF transmitting range of 100 feet.

The 5819 is a wireless surface mount, 3 zone shock processor and transmitter. The 5819 provides 3 separate zones. Loop 1 normally closed for external shock sensors, loop 2 internal built in reed switch and loop 3 normally closed external contact. The dimensions of the 5819 are 4.8”W x 1 ½” H x 1”D. The 5819 operates on one 3V lithium battery and should last 3-5 years. If shock loop is not being used then it must be strapped out, if not, it will extremely shorten the battery life. The 5819 has an RF transmitting range of 200 feet.

Both the 5814 and 5819 are supervised for check in signals if programmed as input type RF, and will send a check in signal every 70 to 90 minutes as input type 3 RF. If the 5814 and 5819 are programmed as input type UR, unsupervised, this will keep the panel from detecting check in signals, however it will still recognize low battery and tamper signals. When the battery reaches 2.3V, both the 5814 and 5819 will send a low battery signal the next time it sends any signal and will stop functioning at 2.0V. If the zone is programmed as input type 4, unsupervised, the panel will still see the low battery signal if it is sent with the check-in signal. Both the 5814 and 5819 have a tamper feature which will send a tamper signal to the control panel when the cover is removed, it will send loop 4. Although the 5814 and 5819 are not weatherproof, both will operate in temperatures that range from 32 degrees F to 120 degrees F. 

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