Honeywell 5816 vs 5818MNL

The Honeywell 5816 is a surface mount wireless two zone window door transmitter with a built in magnetic reed switch and wired closed circuit contact loop.The dimensions of the 5816 are 9/16"W x 3 1/16"H x 1 3/16"D which is a little bulkier than some wireless window door transmitters but has internal screw terminals which can be utilized to hard wire an additional zone to any wired door window contact. The 5816 has 2 loops. Loop 1, contacts, loop 2, reed switch. Both loops are normally closed. The hardwired loop 1 is rated for 100mS response time. The magnet spacing gap of the 5816 is a maximum of ½ inch separation distance from the case and the mounting plate’s alignment strip of a Honeywell 5899 magnet if the reed switch is being used. For wood and non-magnetic surfaces, the spacing gap is 1.36 inches. For steel and other magnetic surfaces, the spacing gap is 0.78 inches. The 5816 has tamper protection and will send a tamper signal to the control panel when the cover is removed, it sends loop 4. The 5816 operates on One 3V lithium battery.

The Honeywell 5818MNL recessed wireless one zone window door transmitter, is a magnetic contact sensor. The 5818MNL dimensions are 3/4’Dx3”L and the magnet is ⅜”Dx1/2”L which is half the size of standard transmitters so it almost disappears once installed. The 5818MNL has 1 loop, normally closed and must be programmed as loop 1. The spacing distance that a magnet can be mounted from the 5818MNL is one half inch maximum. Since the 5818MNL is a recessed device, it requiares a ¾” diameter hole at least 3” deep and the magnet requires a ⅜” diameter hole at least 1/2 “ deep. The 5818MNL operates on one 1.5VDC, AAA Lithium (Energizer L92) or AAA Alkaline battery.

Both the 5816 and 5818MNL have an RF transmitting range of 200 feet and are supervised to send in a check in signal every 70-90 minutes. They both have low battery detection and will send a low battery signal to the control panel. Both the 5816 and the 5818MNL are UL listed

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