Honeywell 5820L vs 5800RPS

The Honeywell 5820L is a very slim, 1 zone wireless door window transmitter. It’s slimness makes it very popular and dimensions of 3"H x .5"W x .8"D makes it half the size of standard door window transmitters. The size of the 5820L makes it ideal for casement and double hung windows. The 5820L installs easily and is compatible with any panel that is compatible with 5800 series devices.

The 5800RPS is very different from the 5820L. The 5800RPS is a wireless single zone, recessed roller plunger transmitter. The dimensions are ¾” diameter; the wire antenna is 8" x 1/8"; and has a cavity depth of 1". The 5800RPS requires a 3/4" diameter, 1 1/4" deep hole to be drilled in the hinged side of wood or metal door frames and a 1/4" hole at least 8 " needs to be drilled for the antenna. When the antenna is installed it must be fully extended and straight for the best RF range. The 5800RPS transmitter uses a plunger instead of a reed switch with a magnet. Once the 5800RPS is installed, it is basically is unnoticable and is ideal where aesthetics are important. The 5800RPS is not recommended to be installed on windows as it would require a hole drilled in both the inner and outer skin of the frame which could increase the possibility of water damage.

The 5820L operates in temperatures ranging from 32 degrees F - 120 dgrees F. Where as the 5800RPS operates in 10 degrees F - 120 degrees F.

Both the 5820L and the 5800RPS are supervised and have RF supervision. The 5820L also has tamper and low battery detection.

The 5820L operates on, one 1.5VDC, AAA Lithium (Energizer L92) or AAA Alkaline and should last up to 10 years. The 5820L is UL listed and UL Canada listed.

The 5800RPS operates on, one 3V lithium coin cell battery Panasonic or Energizer CR1620 and should last up to 7 years. 

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