Honeywell 5820L vs 5816OD

The Honeywell 5820L is a wireless 1 zone door window transmitter. The 5820L is very slim with dimensions of 3"H x .5"W x .8"D, which makes it nearly half the size of standard door window transmitters. The size of the 5820L make it ideal for casement and double hung windows. The 5820L is not weatherproof but operates in temperatures that range from 32 degrees F - 120 degrees F. The 5820L has 1 built in reed switch, loop 1 normally closed.

The Honeywell 5816OD is a wireless outdoor 2 zone transmitter. The 5816OD is weatherized for outdoor environments and meets the NEMA4X water protection requirements. The 5816OD can operate in temperatures that range from -40 degrees F - 150 dgrees F. The 5816OD can be painted to blend in with the surface it is mounted on. The dimensions of the 5816OD are .01" W x 4.25" H x 1.4" D and the Magnet is .89" W x 4.02" H x .92" D. The 5816OD is very popular for installation on sheds, fences, pool gates and garages. Some have been installed on mailboxes for notification of mail delivery. The 5816OD has two unique zones; the Loop 1 is for a wired closed circuit contact loop and Loop 2 is for the built-in reed switch (used with a magnet). Either or both zones may be used.

The 5820L has front and rear tampers. The front cover tamper is always enabled. To enable the rear tamper, install third screw into the tamper plate within the back plate. Both tampers use the same switch.

The 5816OD also has tamper detection and will send a signal to the control panel when the cover is removed. For the tamper switch to sense when the sensor is detached from its mounting, the breakaway tab must be secured on the sensor mounting plate.

The 5820L has RF transmitting range of 150 feet and the 5816OD has 200 feet of RF transmitting range.

Both the 5820L and the 5816OD are supervised, surface mount transmitters and have low battery detection plus RF supervision.

The 5820L operates on one 1.5VDC, AAA Lithium or AAA Alkaline and the 5816OD operates on two lithium 1.5VDC AA cells.  

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