Honeywell 6160 vs Honeywell 6160RF Keypads

Both the Honeywell 6160 and 6160RF keypads are alphanumeric keypads. Both provide full functions to be primary keypads and allow access to *56 zone programming.

Both the 6160 and the 6160RF keypads have a 2 line and 32 character alpha display which is backlit when any key is pressed and will timeout after 30-40 seconds. Zones and system events are displayed in English and are easy to read.

Both the 6160 and the 6160RF keypads have a built in speaker which will beep to help identify the system status and entry and exit delays and other alarm situations.

Both the 6160 and the 6160RF keypads are compatible with the Honeywell Vista control panels, Honeywell 4120XM, Honeywell 4140XM and the Honeywell 4140XMP.The 6160 is also compatible with the Honeywell 4111XM, 4140XMPT, 4140XMPT2, 5110XM, 5110XM-9, 5120XM and 5140XM. The 6160RF is also compatible with the 5800ZBRIDGE.

The difference between the 6160 and the 6160RF keypads; the 6160RF keypad is the 6160 keypad with a built in 5881ENH unlimited zone wireless receiver and a 5800TM module.

The 6160RF keypad allows hardwired panels with wireless zone expansion to utilize Honeywell 5800 series wireless devices without having to install three separate units. The built-in unlimited 5881ENH wireless receiver takes the concern out of how many wireless zones can be supported. The 6160RF keypad will support as many wireless zones as the control panel provides.

The 6160RF is not compatible with the Honeywell 5839 keypad but is compatible with the Honeywell 5828 or the Honeywell 5828V. 

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