Honeywell 6160 Keypad vs Honeywell 6162 Keypad

Both the Honeywell 6160 and 6162 keypads are alpha numeric keypads, the 6160 has a 2 line LCD display while the 6162 keypad has a 4 line LCD display. The 6162 keypad display uses dot matrix which uses a grid of dots instead of lines and shapes to produce the image on the keypad. Using the dot matrix produces a more clear imagine on the 6162 keypad making it easier to read.

Both the 6160 and the 6162 keypads have back light for the keys. The 6160 displays light when any key is pressed and will timeout after 30-40 seconds. The 6162 back light on the keys is always on can cannot be disabled.

The 6160 and the 6162 keypads are addressable keypads with the default address being 16.

The 6160 and the 6162 have 4 keypad panic keys that can be programmed for fire, medical, police and a silent alarm.

The dimensions of the 6160 keypad are 5-5/16"H x 7-3/8"W x 1-3/16"D and the dimensions of the 6162 keypad 4.88"H x 6.93"W x 1.02"D. The new design of the 6162 keypad has rounded corners and is very pleasing to the eye.

Both the 6160 and the 6162 keypads are programming keypads. The 6160’s alpha numeric display provides the full range of feedback needed to program in sub-menus such as field *56 zone programming. The 6162 keypad provides Vista Intelligent Programming. Vista Intelligent Programming (VIP) provides menu based selections for programming fields. VIP provides 8 lines for programming and shows real time entries on the display screen which makes for easier and faster programming.

The 6160 keypad is compatible with all Vista panels.

The 6162 keypad is compatible with the Honeywell Vista 15P and the Vista 20P that have revisions of 9.16 or higher. The Vista 21iP panel requires a revision of 3.16 or higher and the Vista 10P needs to be 4.16 or higher. Prom chips are available to update the Honeywell Vista 15P and the Vista 20P control panels. 

The 6160 and the 6162 keypads have many similarities with the 6162 keypad being the wave of the future.

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Honeywell did say originally that they would be coming out with a different style keypad but as of now, they have not done so. If you can still find the 6162 Series keypads online, they certainly do still work well.
I have been accused of poor taste before. I just purchased two more of these. The updated display themselves are worthwhile.
They had a lot of feedback, negative feedback, that folks thought the 6162's and 6152's were....unattractive. So, they ceased making them, and went back to the 6160s and 6150s.
What is the deal with the 6162 series? It appears they have been phased back out? I had one at my old house, and liked the aesthetic. Any idea why Honeywell transitioned away from them?

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