Honeywell IS-3035 vs DT8035 Motion Detector?

Both IS-3035 and DT-8035 use passive infrared (PIR) for motion detection; the DT-8035 adds microwave detection to decrease false alarms caused by environmental factors. The DT-8035 requires that both the PIR and microwave detection technology must be triggered for the unit to activate.

The IS-3035 and the DT-8035 use the same housing and, as such, look exactly the same. Both have pet immunity and the same detection areas. The IS-3035 can be configured for pet immunity for pets up to 80 lbs; the DT-8035 can be configured for pet immunity for pets up to 100 lbs. The motions will need to be wired up to an alarm zone that supports normally closed technology. Both motions work off of a 12 volt power feed. There are also tamper terminals that can be wired up to a normally closed security zone. With the tamper connected, if the motion’s case is opened or if it is ripped off the wall, it will trigger its tamper loop.

The DT-8035 uses two detection technologies to trigger an alarm which should reduce false alarms that are caused by environmental factors. Due to this, compared to motions that only require one detection tech to trigger an alarm, the DT-8035 is much less prone to false alarms occurring. As an example, if there is a room where the sun directly beams on a window during a certain point in the day, the sunlight changing the temperature of the window and objects in the room could potentially cause a false alarm. With the DT-8035, the PIR portion would “see” the temperature changing but the microwave portion would not as microwave detection doesn’t factor in temperature. A DT-8035 would be best to install at locations with machines that put off heat, areas with lots of large window and areas with large AC or heating system vents. That said, avoid installing too close to vents, cold air returns, and so on.





Cone shape detection area of 40’ x 56’

Cone shape detection area of 40’ x 56’

Power Requirement

11mA normal use; 13mA maximum use

15mA normal use; 17mA maximum use


Cover and wall tamper switches

Cover and wall tamper switches

Microwave Frequency


10.525 GHz

Operating Temperature

14°F to 131°F

14°F to 131°F


3.86” Height x 2.24” Width x 1.17” Depth

3.86” Height x 2.24” Width x 1.17” Depth

Pet Immunity

80 lbs.

100 lbs.

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