Honeywell L3000 vs Vista 10P

Honeywell’s L3000 aka Lynx Plus is a self contained wireless control panel that features a built in speaker that provides voice annunciation of the system status with voice descriptors of each zone. The L3000 has a built in siren of 85db with voice siren. The L3000 has 1 hardwired zone and supports up to 24 wireless zones and up to 16 wireless keyfob zones. A user can use the 16 wireless keyfob zones for transmitters as well and in doing this will provide a total of 40 zones. The L3000 is compatible with all Honeywell’s 5800 series transmitters. The L3000 supports up to 8 user codes, this number includes a duress code. The L3000 display has a clock and alpha keypad. The L3000 is compatible with the wireless 5828 and 5828V keypads. The L3000 provides 4 ways of communication; a Honeywell GSMVLP4G cell communicator, Honeywell’s 7847I internet communicator, dual communication the iGSMV4G and the old fashion way of connecting to a landline. The Honeywell L3000 can be wall mounted or when paired with the L5000DM can be desk mounted. Desk mounting is ideal when a user does not want to put holes in a wall or wants to move the control panel from room to room. The L3000 is compatible with Total Connect and if the control panel revision is 20.1 will be compatible with Total Connect 2.0, with that being said, the L3000 is not compatible with cameras. The L3000 is very easy to install and program which makes it ideal for the diy’ers.

Honeywell’s Vista 10P is a hardwired control panel that is a la carte, meaning the keypad and siren are separate. The Vista 10P has 6 hardwired zones and supports up to 16 wireless expansion zones, plus 8 keyfob zones for a total of 30 zones. The Vista 10P requires either a 5881 series wireless receiver or an RF keypad for the wireless expansion devices to communicate. Once paired with either option, the Vista 10P control panel will be compatible with all Honeywell’s 5800 series transmitters. The Vista 10P supports up to 16 user codes and each can have their own authority level. The Vista 10P supports up to eight Addressable Keypads: 6150 Fixed-Word Keypad, 6160 Alpha Keypad, 6150V Fixed-Word Display Voice Keypad, 6160V Alpha Display Voice Keypad, and 6150RF Keypad/Transceiver. The Vista 10P also provides 4 ways of communicating; Honeywell’s GSMV4G and GSMX4G cell communicators, 7847i internet communicator, dual communication iGSMV4G and connecting to a landline. is compatible with Total Connect but not with Total Connect 2.0.

The Vista 10P requires running wires for each zone to the panel and programming is more difficult than the L3000. Hardwired systems are geared towards installers more than the diy’ers.

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