Honeywell L3000 vs Vista 21iP

Honeywell’s L3000 (Lynx Plus) is a combination control panel, keypad, siren and speakerphone all wrapped up in one. The L3000 self contained panel makes for easy installation for diy’ers and is perfect in a residential or rental space. If a cell communicator (compatible cell is the GSMVLP4) is the choice for communication, it simply snaps right inside the case. Users also have the option of internet communicator (7847i) connecting to a phone line or dual communication. The L3000 has 1 on board hardwired zone and supports up to 40 wireless zones and is compatible with all Honeywell 5800 series transmitters. The keypad has 16 buttons and an LED display that show real time (clock). The L3000 has an 85db built in siren. The 5828 and 5828V wireless keypads are the perfect secondary keypads.The L3000 supports up to 8 user codes and provides 84 event log history.

Honeywell Vista 21iP is a hardwired/hybrid control panel which requires a separate keypad and siren. The panel and keypad need to be mounted on a wall (usually in separate areas) and wires need to be run from the keypad and devices to the control panel. This type of installation does not make it ideal for renters or spaces without attic space, wires would then need to be surfaced mounted and seen. The Vista 21iP has a built in internet communicator (7847i) but also offers options of communicating by a cell communicator (Vista-GSM4G), connecting via land line or dual communication. The Vista 21iP has 8 on board hardwired zones and provides up to 40 hardwired expansion zones when paired with a 4219 zone expander or up to 40 wireless expansion zones when paired with a 5881 series wireless receiver or an RF keypad. The Vista 21iP provides up to 48 user codes and 100 event log history. The Vista 21iP provides many options in keypads, supporting up to 8 (combined) alpha and fixed (examples:6160, 6160RF) and up to 4 graphic keypads like the Tuxedo Touch Wifi or the 6280. The Vista 21iP is ideal for residential and commercial applications. 

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