Honeywell L5100 vs Vista 20P

The Honeywell Lynx Touch L5100 is a wireless self contained control panel with a 4.7 “ graphic keypad and a built in 86dm siren. The L5100 has 1 hardwired zone (not to be used for fire) and 63 wireless zones. The L5100 is compatible with all Honeywell 5800 series transmitters. The L5100 allows users to control z-wave home automation devices, requires a L5100 zwave module which snaps directly inside the panel housing. Once installed, a user can control up to 3 thermostats, 4 door locks and up to a total of 40 zwave devices like light switches, appliance switches, water valves and blinds. Users can also control the L5100 and home automation from any computer, smartphone or ios device through Total Connect 2.0. When connected to Total Connect 2.0 users will also receive notifications via email and or text messages on any real time alarm or event. The L5100 is the ideal alarm panel for the diyer’s, very easy to install and program. The highly recommended LT Cable makes installation a breeze. The L5100 can be wall mounted or desk mounted and because it is a self contained wireless panel it’s the perfect system for renters. The L5100 has a built in speaker that provides voice annunciation of system status and descriptors of each zone. The L5100 supports AlarmNet cell and wifi communicators along with connecting to a landline.

The Honeywell Vista 20P is a hardwired control panel which requires a separate keypad and siren. The Vista 20P will support up to 8 alpha and fixed combined keypads and up to 4 graphic keypads. Any hardwired siren will be compatible. The Vista 20P can be programmed for 2 partitions protecting 2 independent areas which makes it ideal for commercial properties.

The Vista 20P supports up to a total of 48 zones plus 16 keyfob zones totaling 64 zones. It has 8 on board hardwired zones with 40 expansion hardwired zones (4219 zone expander required) or up to 40 wireless zones ( 5800 series wireless receiver or an RF keypad required). The Vista 20P supports up to 48 user codes and can be programmed with separate authority levels and partition access. The Vista 20P can be connected to a landline for communication and is compatible with AlarmNet cell communicators and internet communicator. The Vista 20P requires wire runs and programming is not as easy as the L5100. Hardwired systems are more geared towards the installer and not the diyer.

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