Honeywell Lynx 5100 vs Vista 128BPT

The Honeywell Lynx L5100 is a wireless self contained control panel that features a 4.7 inch graphic color touchscreen keypad. The L5100 also has a built in siren and a message center for user recorded messages. The L5100 supports up to 16 user codes and 3 panic functions (fire, medical, duress). The L5100 supports a total of 64 zones. 1 Hardwire zone and 63 wireless zones which are compatible with all 5800 series transmitters. The L5100 also supports home automation by installing a L5100zwave module. The L5100 will support up to 3 thermostats, 4 door locks and up to 40 zwave devices like light switches, appliance switches, blinds and water valves. The L5100 provides several ways to communicate. A cell communicator, GSMVLP5-4G, internet communicator, ILP5, WiFi communicator, L5100wifi module and connecting to a standard phone line. Programming is easy and the L5100 has Advanced Protection Logic (APL) which is like a smash and grab feature. The system will send a signal to the monitoring station indicating that the premise has been disabled if not turned off during the delay time. The L5100 is compatible with Total Connect 2.0.

The Honeywell Vista 128BPT is a hardwire control panel that will handle any commercial space. The Vista 128BPT also integrates CCTV and Access Control. The Vista 128BPT requires a separate keypad and siren. The Vista 128BPT supports a maxium of 31 keypads which include up to 6 graphic keypads. The Vista 128BPT supports up to 150 user codes and keeps a log of up to 512 events. The Vista 128BPT has 9 style B on board hardwire zones and supports up to an additional 119 zones using a built in polling interface. The Vista 128BPT will also support up to 127 wireless zones when up to 2 5800 series wireless receivers are installed (fewer if using hardwire and or polling loop zones). The Vista 128BPT is compatible with Vista Key for access control. The Vista Key access control will support up to 8 doors and 250 access cards. The Vista 128BPT can also integrate home automation when paired with a Tuxedo Touch Wifi controller. The Vista 128BPT provides several communication options. Cell commuicators, GSMV4G, GSMX4G, internet communicator, 7847i and the standard phone line. The Vista 128BPT is also compatible with Total Connect 2.0. 

The Lynx Touch L5100 is ideal for the diyer and renter,  easy to install, program and move, while the Vista 128BPT is more for the installer. The Vista 128BPT requires wire runs, not ideal for the renter.

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