Honeywell Vista 128BPT vs Vista 10P

The Honeywell Vista 128BPT is a commercial burglary alarm control panel which UL listed. The Vista 128BPT has 9 style B hardwire zones and will support up to 119 additional hardwired zones or 127 wireless zones but requires 2 / 5800 series wireless receivers. The Vista 128BPT provides the ability to control 8 separate partitions independently with each partition functioning as if it had it’s own control panel. The Vista 128BPT will support up to 150 user codes and 7 authority levels. The Vista 128BPT supports up to 31 maximum keypads which includes up to 6 graphic keypads. The Vista 128BPT supports Vista Key to integrate Access Control controlling up to 8 doors and up to 250 access cards. The Vista 128BPT keeps a log of 512 events. The Vista 128BPT provides several options for communication. Connection to a phone line, a GSMV4G or GSMX4G cell communicators, 7847i internet communicator or the iGSMV4G for dual communication. A user can also have dual communication by connecting to a phone line and installing a cell communicator for back up.

The Vista 10P is the most economical control panel of the Vista series. The Vista 10P provide 6 on board hardwire zones with the ability to add 16 wireless expansion zones providing a total of 22 zones. A 5800 series wireless receiver or an RF keypad would be required to add the 16 wireless expansion zones and be compatible with 5800 series transmitters. The Vista 10P also provides 8 independant keyfob zones allowing a user to use 2 without using any of the 22 zones. The Vista 10P keeps a log of up to 32 events. The Vista 10P supports up to 8 alpha keypads including RF keypads. The Vista 10P provides the same communication options as the Vista 128BPT. The Vista 10P does not provide separate partitions.

In comparison, the Vista 128BPT is ideal for large commercial spaces and is probably too much panel for the average residential site, whereas the Vista 10P is ideal for small businesses and residential spaces. 

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