Honeywell Vista 15P vs Vista 10P

Both the Honeywell Vista 15P and Vista 10P are hardwired hybrid systems. Although they are similar and function almost the same, they have many differences. This content will touch on some of their similarities and differences.


Both the Vista 15P and Vista 10P are capable of communicating via land line, internet, cell communication or dual communication. The compatible cell communicators are; Honeywell’s GSMV4G, GSMX4G. Internet communicator is the 7847i and for dual communication, the iGSMV4G and the iGSMHS4G.

Compatible keypads for both the Vista 15P and Vista 10P are: (there are many compatible keypads for both panels, listed are the most popular keypads) 6150, 6510V, 6150RF, 6152, 6152V, 6152RF, 6160, 6160V, 6160RF, 6160PX, 6162, 6162V, 6162RF, 5828, 5828V, 6460, 6148, 6165EX, 6149EX, 6164US, and 6151.

The Vista 15P and Vista 10P both have 6 on board hardwired zones.


Expansion Hardwired Zones: Vista 15P, 16 hardwire. Vista 10P, 0, no hardwired expansion.

Expansion Wireless Zones: Vista 15P, 26 wireless expansion zones, with 8 independent keyfob zones. Vista 10P, 16 wireless expansion zones, with 8 independent keyfob zones.

Graphic Keypads - Vista 15P supports 2 graphic keypads, Vista 10P, 0 graphic keypads.

Output Devices - Vista 15P, 8 (relay or expansion). Vista 10P, 4 using a 4209 relay module.

Event Log - Vista 15P, 50 event log. Vista 10P, 32 event log.

User Codes - Vista 15P, 32 system user codes. Vista 10P, 16 system user codes.

Total Connect 2.0 - Vista 15P, compatible (when paired with a cell communicator, internet communicator or dual communication. Vista 10P, is not compatible.

ZWAVE Compatible - Vista 15P, yes, compatible with the VAM and Tuxedo Touch Wifi controller. Vista 10P, not compatible.

The Vista 10P is a great panel for smaller applications while the Vista 15P is also great for small applications, it’s a wiser choice for expansion and future expansion.

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