How Can I Get a Free Home Security System?

Although it is very tempting to sign up for that free top of the line home security system, what are you really signing up for? By getting a free system you are generally giving up a lot more than you realize. Let's say that something happens to your system only months after signing up for a free system which comes with a 5 year monitoring contract and you find that you have no choice but to pay top dollar for a service that other companies offer for free. Simple programming tweaks can cost upwards of $100 no matter what the change requires from the technician. What if you see a new item you would like to purchase and add to your system? That will be impossible to do without the installer code that will most likely be withheld from you. Once you are in the contract there is not much you can do besides pay to get out or suffer the reality that you are on the hook until the contract is up.

When you are under contract there is little incentive for the customer service department to go the extra mile. By offering no contract security monitoring we must prove to all of our customers that there questions and needs are important and must be dealt with a timely and professional manner. Furthermore, we will do everything we can to keep you satisfied since we know that you can simply move to another company at any given. This model is mutually beneficial. The customer does not feel tied down and we are challenged to be the best! Please visit our website and Youtube channel for a wealth of knowledge for anything Honeywell alarm related.

Our mentality here at Alarm Grid is to educate our customers so they purchase the right equipment the first time and feel confident to install, program, replace, upgrade, and most importantly use it! If you are more hands on and want to be able to make changes on the fly why should your alarm company prevent you from doing so. Alarm hardware is a one time cost. When you own your own equipment you have access to the installer code which is needed to make simple programming changes, add/remove a sensor, sometime even change out a simple battery. This applies to anyone that just wants their system to work and is fine doing a few things themselves it will save them some money and get it done faster. Why be forced to have someone else come do something you can do yourself?

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