How Do I Activate The Chime On A 6160 Keypad?

To activate (turn on) the chime on a Honeywell 6160 keypad, enter a user 4 digit code immediately followed by the number 9 (Honeywell factory default master code is 1234). Activating the chime, alerts to the opening of a door or window while the alarm system is disarmed. However, a chime alert will not sound if there is a fault on the zone. To turn the chime off, enter a user code immediately followed by the number 9, twice in row without pausing; example: 1234912349.

The Honeywell 6160 keypad is an alphanumeric keypad and compatible with Honeywell control panels especially the Vista series. Unlike the 6160V, the 6160 does not have the customer “voice” so voice chime, voice status, voice descriptors and message center are not features of the 6160. This means the chime will alert when a door or window is opened when the alarm system is disarmed but will not announce which door or window is being opened.

The Honeywell 6160 keypad is ideal for zone programming. The 6160 allows to enter field *56 zone programming and the keypad display provides users to see feedback needed to program.

The 6160’s keypad has a two line alpha numeric display and a backlight which will illuminate when any key is press and will timeout after 30-40 seconds. The backlight on the keys of the keypad is always on for visibility and cannot be disabled, with the drop down door closed this should not disturb users while they sleep.

The 6160 keypad is UL and SCFM listed and rated for both residential and commercial burg.

The 6160 keypad is not weatherproof and should be installed in interiors, it will operate in temperatures ranging from 32 degrees F to 122 degrees F. 

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You may have the chime by zone function enabled, this can be determined by reviewing the programming. If you're currently monitored by us we should be able to check that out for you.
I have a 6162RF. Chime does not work when I open a door. Test routine chimes but when I open a door, the keypad shows Fault 10 or Fault 11 but no chime. Ive disabled it and enabled it. The 6162RF only requires the code + 9 once, not twice.

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