How Do I Add A 5834-4 Keyfob To My Honeywell L7000?

To add a 5834-4 keyfob to a Honeywell L7000, select “Security” icon from the home screen. Select “More”. Select “Tools”. Enter the 4 (four) digit installer code. Select “Program”. Select “Keys”. Select “Add New”. Programming screen will appear. Key type will be on the top left, 4 (four) Button will auto populate. Select “User”. A list of users will appear: Master, Duress, Guest and user numbers from 3 (three) - 7 (seven). Use the down arrow to scroll to the next page/s 8 (eight) - 46 (forty-six) user numbers are programmable. Select “Serial Number”. A keypad will appear requesting Enter or Activate serial number. Manually enter the 7 digit serial number from the back of the keyfob. Press “Done”.

To activate via RF Learning, 3 (three) open/close of the keyfob is required. The first transmission activates the RF Learning mode. The second transmission enrolls the serial number, the system will beep 2 (two) times and displays “Activate Sensor Again To Confirm”. A third transmission will confirm the serial number. The system will beep 3 (three) times and will return to the programming screen. Select “Done”. Select “Zone”. The system auto populates the next available zone number. Press “Done”. To select a different zone, press “Zone”, manually enter a specific zone number from 140 (one hundred forty) - 155 (one hundred fifty-five) on the displayed keypad. If the zone of choice is not available the system returns to the previous screen. Repeat the steps to enter another zone number. Press “Done”. The system will return to the previous screen. The system will ask “Allow Installer To Re-enter Programming?” ALWAYS say “Yes”. Select the “Return” icon to go back to the home screen.

The 5834-4 is one of the most popular keyfobs. It has 8 (eight) programmable functions using 4 (four) buttons. The keys are recess to deter false alarms. 

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