How Do I Add a DSC WS4904P PIR Motion to a DSC Impassa?

You can add a DSC WS4904P PIR Motion to a DSC Impassa by putting the panel into its enrollment mode and then activating the tamper switch on the motion sensor. The sensor will be automatically recognized by the system. You can then configure the settings for the WS4904P motion sensor.

Complete the following steps to add a DSC WS4904P PIR Motion to a DSC Impassa:

1. Access sensor enrollment mode. From the main screen of the DSC Impassa, with the system disarmed, press [*] [8] [Installer Code] [898]. The default Installer Code is 5555. The screen will display "wireless enrollment mode", which indicates a new sensor can be learned in.

2. Enroll the motion sensor. Open up the back cover on the WS4904P Motion Sensor. This will activate the device's tamper switch. The DSC Impassa will recognize this and learn-in the sensor. The sensor's serial number should be displayed on the screen. Verify that the serial number is correct, and then press the [*] key to continue. The system will then display the next available zone number. Press the [*] key to select this zone number, or enter in a different 2-digit zone number (01-64), followed by the [*] key to select that zone. If you do decide to use a different zone number, make sure that zone is available.

3. Adjust the settings. At this point, you will choose a Zone Type for the sensor. The recommended Zone Type of 04 for Interior will be displayed by default. Press the [*] key to select this Zone Type, or enter in a different 2-digit Zone Type, followed by the [*] key to continue. You can view a complete list of Zone Types on pages 42 through 44 of the DSC Impassa Manual.

4. Test the sensor. The DSC Impassa will then ask you to test the sensor. The screen will display "Activate Device for Test, Exit #". Place the sensor in the desired location, and walk in front of it to make sure that it picks up motion. The system should acknowledge that the sensor is working properly. Press the [#] key to exit and return to the main menu.

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