How Do I Add a Duress Code to My Simon XTi or XTi-5?

You can add a Duress Code to your Simon XTi or XTi-5 by entering the Access Codes section of Programming. The final code slot is for a single Duress Code that can be set up with the system. Using this programmed code at any code entry screen will send a duress signal to the central station.

The Duress Code for a Simon XTi or Simon XTi-5 only works if the system is monitored and set up with a central station. The four-digit code can be entered at any regular code entry screen. Upon entering the code, the system will provide no indication that the Duress Code has been entered. Instead, a secret alert is sent out to let the central station know that help is needed right away.

People typically use Duress Codes in emergency situations only. By using the code, you can make it appear like you are innocently disarming your security system when in reality, you are making a silent call for immediate help. One example of when you might use the code is if there is an intruder threatening you with violence, and they are demanding that you disarm your system, then you can enter the Duress Code to make it appear as though you are following their orders, but the central station will see the request and know to take action. Most users ask the central station to send immediate help upon the entry of the Duress Code, without attempting to contact them first. But this is fully customizable, and you can ask that the central station still attempts to contact you if that is what you would prefer.

Complete the following steps to add a Duress Code to an Interlogix Simon XTi or XTi-5:

1. Enter Programming. Begin from the main screen of the Simon XTi or XTi-5. Press the gear icon in the lower-right corner. Press the down arrow on the right-hand side of the screen. Press the Programming button. Press the Enter button. Now enter the system's four-digit Master Code. This code is 1234 by default, but most users change it for security purposes. Click the OK button after entering the code. You will enter into Programming if the code is valid.

2. Find Duress Code. Press the option for Access Codes, which is in the upper-left. The Duress Code is the final code in the list, after User Code 8. Press the down arrow on the right-hand side of the screen to scroll down to additional codes. You should find the Duress Code in its proper slot.

3. Enter Duress Code. Press the white box next to the Duress Code slot. Now enter the desired four-digit Duress Code. Remember, you will only use this code in emergency situations. Be sure this is a unique code, but one that anyone using the system would be able to remember in a high-stress situation. Once the desired code is entered, press the Save button in the upper-right. You will have added the Duress Code to the system.

4. Return home. Repeatedly press the Close button in the upper-right corner until you are taken back to the home screen. The Duress Code you added will now function as intended when it is used. Be sure your system is on test with the monitoring station if monitored, and test the operation of your new Duress Code.

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