How Do I Add a Google Nest Thermostat to My Account?

You can add a Google Nest Thermostat to your account by providing your Google account information to The integration allows for limited thermostat functionality through, including temperature control, mode control (Heat, Cool), and scene thermostat control.

Many users choose Google Nest Thermostats for their ability to integrate with the platform. While using a Z-Wave Thermostat, such as the ADC-T3000, is usually our recommended option, the Google Nest integration is still a nice way to achieve temperature and mode control through The integration has been supported by for quite some time. However, the integration was made unavailable for an extended period of time, starting in August of 2019. But in January of 2020, the integration returned, and it once again became possible to integrate a Google Nest Thermostat in with an account. If you have an Security System and a Google Nest Thermostat, then completing this integration process is something you will likely want to do.

Before getting started, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First, you must have the Nest Integration add-on applied to your account. This can only be done by your alarm monitoring company. You should contact your monitoring company and ask them to apply the integration to your account. If you are an Alarm Grid monitored customer, then you can contact us by emailing Second, if you have a Nest Thermostat that was previously integrated with your account, and you are now trying to re-integrate it, then you may need to first access your Nest account and remove the existing ADC integration. You will then be able to move your Nest account to Google. If you fail to remove the integration, you may encounter an error stating that you have a "Works with Nest" option assigned to your Nest device. Only once your Nest Thermostat is integrated with your Google account will you be able to integrate the device with Make sure you have integrated your Nest Thermostat with your Google account first.

Remember, the integration for Nest Thermostats is rather limited. You will still need to use the Nest platform for any thermostat scheduling. The integration just offers a quick way to adjust the temperature, set the desired mode (Heat, Cool), and perform basic scene thermostat control for temperature and mode adjustments. It is also important to note that will display a Nest Thermostat as OFF when the device is in its Eco mode. You can exit Eco mode for a Nest Thermostat from by setting the thermostat's mode to Heat, Cool, or Auto. allows for Nest Thermostat control from both the website and mobile app.

For this FAQ, we will assume that you have already successfully integrated your Nest Thermostat with your Google account and that the Nest Integration add-on has been applied to your account by your monitoring company. Complete the following steps to add your Google Nest Thermostat to your account:

1. Login to ADC website. The process of integrating a Nest Thermostat with must be completed from the website. It cannot be completed using the Mobile App. Open in a web browser, and provide your credentials (username & password) to login to your account.

2. Add a Nest Thermostat. Click on Settings on the left side of the screen. Then choose Add Device. This option will only appear if you have at least one compatible integration add-on applied to your account.

Next, select Thermostat, followed by Google Nest Learning Thermostat. Then choose Begin Installation on the following screen.

3. Provide Google account information. You must provide the account information for the Google account associated with your Nest Thermostat to complete the integration. You will need to provide your Google username and password. This will provide authorization for to access your Google account, which is necessary for controlling your Nest Thermostat through Please note that it may take a few minutes for the authorization process to complete so that you can begin controlling your thermostat through

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I know That can do a fire safety shut off rule. The nest thermostat also has a built in fire safety shut off I do believe that depends on what HVAC system you have.
Can fire alarms shut off the nest?
Hi Chris, thanks for your feedback! If you're ever in the market for quality, no-contract, no-hassle monitoring, check us out.
Great faq article. I'm having my alarm system installed now and will make sure to have the Nest integration add-on activated.

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