How Do I Add A User Code To The Honeywell L7000?

The Honeywell Lynx Touch L7000 supports up to 48 user codes, installer code, master code, plus 46 secondary codes which includes duress and guest.

The master code is used to perform all system functions including adding or deleting user codes.

To Add User Codes:

From the home screen select the Security icon. Select “more”, then “tools”, then “Program”. Enter the four digit factory default Master Code which is 1234, select “Users”, select “Add New”. The next available “user number will auto populate. The user number will appear in both name and number. Select “Name”, then “Clear”, this will allow users to enter a name associated with the user number and code. Type a user name, then “Done”. Select “User Code” and enter a new 4-digit User Code. Select “Done”, then “Save”. Touch the return icon, back to the home screen.

To Edit/Delete Master and User Codes:

Follow the same procedure to enter “Tools” and “Program”, select “Users”.

Select “Name”, then select “Edit” or “Delete”

To edit, select “Name” or “User Code”

Enter a new User Name OR 4-digit User Code.

Select “Done”, then “Save”.

To Reset Master Code:

Enter “Program”, “Tools”, select “Reset Master Code” a confirmation screen will appear, select “Yes” key to reset the Master User Code to “1234”.

If confirmed, the Master Code will be reset back to “1-2-3-4” and will be logged in the system event log as “Reset Master Code User 2 E655”. The system will auto return to the Installer Programming Tools menu OR if the reset failed, the system will display: “Command Failed. Unable to Reset Master Code”.

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