How Do I Address The Honeywell 6160 Keypad?

The Honeywell 6160 is an alphanumeric keypad and compatible with the Honeywell hardwired control panels like the Vista control panels.

To address the Honeywell 6160 keypad, power up the keypad and within 60 seconds, press and hold down the numbers 1 and 3. The 6160 keypad will not enter address mode if the control panel is in programming mode. Once in the address mode, the current keypad address will be displayed (the factory default address is 31) and the cursor will be under the 3 (under the ten’s digit) press the number 0 to clear and the cursor will move to the number 1 (the ones digit) press the number 0 again to clear the ones digit. Enter the new keypad address with the tens digit number first then the one’s digit. The keypad can be set for an address of 00-30 or to 31 which is the non-addressable mode. The Honeywell VISTA Series control panels, keypads, including the 6160 will use addresses 16-23. Press [*] to save the address and exit the address mode. While entering the address, if 10 seconds go by with no key entry, the keypad will automatically exit the address mode and the keypad will need to be powered down and powered back up to start the address mode again.

To view the keypad address, press and hold the number 1 and 3 for about 3 seconds. The current address will be displayed. This is view mode only and no key entry will be allowed. (To change the address one will have to follow the above instructions). Press any key to exit or wait 10 seconds and the keypad will automatically exit the viewing mode.

The Honeywell 6160 alphanumeric keypad is ideal for programming a Honeywell hardwired control panel by providing and allowing advanced programming functions in field *56 zone programming.

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