How Do I Arm/Disarm My System Remotely With A GSMX4G?

In order to remotely arm and disarm a security system with a GSMX4G, a user will need to have access to Total Connect 2.0.

The GSMX4G is a cell communicator, and is compatible with Honeywell’s Vista series panels. When a GSMX4G cell communicator is paired with a Vista panel, using the cell path for communication, alarm signals are sent to Honeywell’s AlarmNet Network Control Centers and routes the information to the appropriate stations. A GSMX4G is required to enable users to utilize and connect to Total Connect. Total Connect is an interactive feature which allows users to log into their very own account to view and control an alarm system, home automation and video surveillance. A user can log into any computer, smart phone, tablets or any ios device to arm, disarm a system. A user will receive notifications via emails and or text messages on any real time alerts and alarm events within seconds.Total Connect provides the ability to stay connected to your home or business anytime, anywhere.

Take a Total Connect test drive to see why Total Connect is such a popular feature:

AlarmNet does not offer Total Connect to end users. To get a Total Connect account a user would need to sign up through an alarm monitoring company that offers AlarmNet’s monitoring services.

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