How Do I Arm Partition 2 On A VISTA When 1 Is Armed?

Honeywell's Vista 20P control panel (for example) provides 2 partitions and 1 common area. For instance, the lobby of a commercial space could be considered a common area. A partitioned control panel acts like separate panels combined into one.

A user can be assigned to either partition 1 or 2 and both users assigned to the common area. Assigning users to partitions allows access to only certain areas.

If a user is only assigned to partition 2 and 1 is armed, the user can arm / disarm the system as usual, not affecting partition 2 at all.

A user can also be assigned to more than one partition. If a user is in one partitioned area and wants to access the other area the GOTO command function can be used. An alpha keypad must be used to access another partition and the GOTO command.

To use the GOTO command, enter the 4 digit user code, followed by the star (*) key, then the partition number (in this case enter the number 2). Example XXXX*2.

The keypad will beep to confirm the partition change.

The system can now be armed as usual.

The keypad will remain in the partition that was commanded until there is no activity for 2 minutes and then automatically returns to the original partition.

The active partition number is displayed in the upper left portion of screen, if the option is selected.

Users can use the GOTO command to bypass open zones before arming.

Enter a 4 digit user code plus [0] + arm command (see list below)

2 = arms all partitions AWAY

3 = arms all partitions STAY

33 = arms all partitions NIGHT-STAY

4 = arms all partitions MAXIMUM

7 = arms all partitions INSTANT

1 = disarms all partitions

Either partition may arm its system if the common zone is

faulted, but once armed, the other partition will not be able to

arm unless the common zone is first bypassed or the fault is


Faults on the common zone are displayed on common partition

keypads, and will also appear on another partition's keypad when

the alternate partition is armed.

Either partition can clear and restore the common zone after an


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