How Do I Batch Enroll Users via Total Connect 2.0?

You can batch enroll users via Total Connect 2.0 by selecting the "Add Multiple Users" option when prompted to Select User Type. You will upload an Excel document that has all of the information regarding the new users. There is a template for the Excel document within Total Connect 2.0.

Please note that batch enrollment of new users is only available via the Total Connect 2.0 website. You cannot perform this action through the TC2 Mobile App. Complete the following steps to batch enroll users via Total Connect 2.0.

1. Login to TC2 website. Go to the Total Connect 2.0 website, and login using your username (for Alarm Grid customers, this should be your email) and password. If you do not have a Total Connect 2.0 account, you can sign-up for monitoring service here.

2. Access Add Multiple Users. Click on the Users tab on the left side of the screen. Then select "Add New User". Then select the blue Add Multiple Users button at the bottom of the screen that pops up. You will be taken to a screen where you can submit a template to add multiple users at once.

3. Download the template. Click on the blue "template-file.xlsx" button. You will be prompted to save the template file somewhere on your computer. Choose a location that you will be able to find, and download the file.

4. Edit the Excel sheet. Open up the file you downloaded. The default Excel program for your computer will open up. When you access the document, make sure to read the instructions carefully. Do not change the name of the template file! Then select the blue "Continue..." button in the bottom-right corner. You will then fill out the template. Each row will represent a different user. Each column header represents a different sub-field for the user.

  • Firstname: Enter the user's first name using free-form text.
  • Lastname: Enter the user's last name in free-form text.
  • Username: Enter the user's displayed TC2 username. (Panel-only users do not require a Username)
  • UserType: Select from the drop-down: Admin, Standard, or Panel Only depending on what privileges you want the user to have. Admin can add, edit, and delete other users, as well as perform all of the same functions as the Standard user type. Standard can arm/disarm and bypass from both the panel and through TC2. Panel Only can only arm/disarm and bypass from the actual panel, and it cannot access Total Connect 2.0.
  • Notificationlanguage: Select from the drop-down: English, French, Spanish, or Portuguese based on your preference.
  • TimeFormat: Select from the drop-down: 12hrs or 24hrs based on your preference.
  • PromptForUserCode: Select from the drop-down: TRUE or FALSE based on your preference. Setting this to TRUE will require the user to enter a valid code when arming/disarming or bypassing remotely through TC2. FALSE will not require a user code for these actions.
  • Email: Enter the email address for the user. An email address is required for all Admin and Standard users.

Once you have finished entering all of the new users, save the file.

5. Upload the file. Go back to the Add Multiple Users screen on the TC2 website that you accessed in Step 2 when downloading the template file. You can either drag the saved file to the screen, or you can click on the blue SELECT FILE button to manually locate the file.

6. Complete the process. Once the upload is completed, you'll be taken to the screen used to configure users. As you can see, the first two steps of the user creation wizard have been completed based on the entries in the template. From here, select which panels this user will have access to (if multiple panels exist within the Total Connect 2.0 account). Add the 4-digit user code, and select any other aspects of the account this user should have access to.

You will repeat this process for each user being added via the template. For all Standard and Admin users, a message will appear to inform you that Welcome Emails have been sent to each of these users. You can click the link to go to Events within the account to verify that a User Sync was completed as each user is added.

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