How Do I Calibrate the Temperature Display On the ADC-T3000?

You can calibrate the temperature display on the ADC-T3000 by asking your monitoring company to complete the process for you. It is impossible for end users to calibrate the temperature display themselves. The process can only be performed by alarm dealers through the serves.

Since this option is only accessible by alarm dealers through their portal, you must have the ADC-T3000 set up with a security system that is actively being monitored with access to; If your system is not monitored, or if you do not have the ADC-T3000 set up with a system, then it will be impossible to perform a temperature calibration.

By performing a temperature calibration, you can help ensure more accurate readings of the ambient temperature by the thermostat. Many users will have the process completed if the thermostat is being set up in an area with indirect sunlight, or if the thermostat is being installed on a wall that is shared with an unheated room.

Complete the following steps to calibrate the temperature display on the ADC-T3000:

1. Contact your monitoring provider. Start by contacting your monitoring provider. How you do this will depend on the company you are working with. If you are monitored with Alarm Grid, then we prefer email as our point of contact, The best email to reach us at is Support is provided Monday thru Friday from 9am to 8pm ET. Please take that into consideration when contacting us.

2. Request thermostat temperature calibration. Let your monitoring company know that you are wanting them to perform temperature calibration for your ADC-T3000 that is set up with your account. Your monitoring company will let you know if any further input is needed.

3. Confirm thermostat temperature calibration. If you contacted your monitoring provided through email, then you should follow-up with them to make sure that the process was completed successfully. If you contacted your monitoring provider over the phone, then you should stay on the line with them to verify successful calibration.

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